Our firm was established in 1991 by Vlastislav Dlouhý. With his knowledge and experience of over 30 years in engineering and mechanical handling sectors the company continued a long-term tradition of the company TRANSPORTA Chrudim – producer of the heavy capacity forklifts and sideloaders.

The company has since become one of the Czech largest and most highly regarded side loader and 4-way /multidirectional truck orientated companies achieving the high reputation for quality and service in the material handling sector.

We offer the complete range of  new and used forklift trucks, forklift attachments and forklift hire and service throughout  the  Czech Republic and surrounding states.

Whatever type of business you run, we are certain we have experience in your field and are always happy to discuss ways we can help you achieve more reliable and cost effective materials handling.

Below we attach several snapshots for illustration taken from our premises which should outline our professional approach as well as the technical background which is fully at your disposal.




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Čáslavská 1261
537 01 Chrudim
Czech republic